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CMM 215: Week 13 – April 19, Spring 2016

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How To Make Your Video Cover Letter More Like A Movie Trailer

carol-kinsey-goman-chris-brown.pngWe are witnessing the death (or at least the ineffectiveness) of the traditional cover letter for job applicants. If you want to stand out in the crowd, hiring managers today prefer something a little more interesting and efficient. “Try a video cover letter,” says Chris Brown, vice president of human resources at telecommunications and collaboration solutions company West Corporation. “If done correctly, it is personal and engaging – and could very well be the difference between being ignored or getting the interview.”

After comparing notes with Brown during a recent conversation, I compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind if you decide to produce your own video cover letter:

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CMM 215: Week 12 – April 12, Spring 2016

The Shortstop Resume


What if your ‘dream job’ employer Googles you on the spot?



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CMM 215 Final Assignment

social_media_plan.jpgSocial Media Strategy and Presentation:

Through class lectures, readings, and various media research, student groups will propose a social media plan for a specific “company” or “organization.”

Institutions have shown increasing interest in using social media and related technologies to establish their brands. Because of the availability of various social media technologies, companies have sometimes struggled with what to use and how to use it. This assignment will require student groups to create a social media strategy for an assigned “company/organization.”

Each student group will make a 10‐15 minute presentation of their social media design plan (supported with visuals & everyone must speak). The presentation will stem from the 5‐ to 10‐page​ design proposal and audit.

In essence, it’s conducting a social media audit and creating a social media plan for the organization. The business/organization must have a minimal social media presence or none at all. 


Key Resources:





By next class, I need to know which organization/business your group has picked. 


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