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  • Class Assignment:

Think of two story ideas (an ideal and a back-up).

Write an in-depth pitch for the ideal show. Include possible interviewees, SOTs, etc.

– Think of the theme of the show. What’s the “lead?”

– Who cares? What’s the purpose?

– Why does this show need to be done? Is there a void? Reported on incorrectly in the past?

– Who are your possible guests? How accessible are they?

– What SOTs can you get? How?

– What research is available on the topic? How will you obtain it (besides Google)?

– What resources will you need? What’s your time frame?

Example Show:

What is MxCC doing about recycling?

School’s history with recycling. Why is it important?

SOT of President of Board of Regents saying how it should be done (original audio).

Interview with the MxCC librarian on her new recycling program.

If students want to get involved there are these resources: environmental club, classes, etc.

Pitch tips: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwynne/2013/01/07/how-not-to-write-a-pitch-letter/

—- Separate page: 10 questions you might ask —



  • Homework due next class:

Practice and learn Blog Talk Radio. Create a test or live show and do a practice run. Prepare for your show.

How to schedule a test show: 



  • Due before Monday, Nov. 18 class:

Act as a producer, reporter, writer, talent, and audio technician for a podcast.

Pick an issue to do research on and produce a 15 -30 minute show regarding it.

Show must have at least one live interview and one SOT.

It is well researched with well thought out questions asked.

Must have an original graphic for the show’s theme image. Supplemental media content (such as an infographic or multimedia story) will add points.

Must have a show description written in a journalistic style. AP style required.

Post to your website (following my in class instructions) and promote.

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