Shooting an Interview


“The fastest-growing media company ever.” Upworthy

  • Setting-up the “talking head” and “news shot” shot

Talking head:

News shot: Example

– Are there distracting objects in the shot? Example: poles, words, people, etc.

– First button of collar is in view.

– Camera around eye-level.

– Both eyes are visible.

– “Lead”room where the interviewee is looking.

–  Small amount of head room (if any).

– Use a something to stabilize your shot. A tripod or your body.

  • Lighting

Where is your main light source coming from?

  • Sound

– Are there distracting noises around?

– Is the interviewee projecting five feet past you? If you are not using a mic.

  • Interviewing

– Don’t say “OK”, “um-hmm,” etc. Don’t speak, just acknowledge with nods and smiles.

– Give ample time after you think the answer has been given. Five to seven seconds.  AKWARD silence is good.

– Have some questions going into the interview,


– Listen to their answers and don’t think of your next question while they are talking.

  • Editing

News SOTs should be a few seconds long and should not be more than 12 seconds. Testimonials (more relaxed structure) should not go past 30 seconds.

News Story



DUE by Dec. 2. Post to your site.

Conduct one to three interviews. Should profile an interesting person, give a testimonial, or describe an event.

Work three clips into a story. Can be a journalistic piece, a testimonial, or some other creative way. However, it cannot just be three videos with no text or context. It must be justified. Example: Videos in the NY Times multimedia story.

Create a YouTube account to upload videos to. Can use any camera (including a phone) and editing software. YouTube Editor  may be a good option if you have never edited video before.

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