Video News

New Haven Independent


– Broadcast vs. New Media?

– Where do we find stories?

– When do we use video?


  • Vantage points.
  • Close, medium, wide shots (variety).
  • Framing, rule of thirds, natural sound.

Script Writing: 

  • Short, active, declarative sentences. Avoid asking questions.

Example: And who will be going to the ceremony? None other than Joe Smith, who founded the organization over 30 years ago. — Joe Smith founded the organization over 30 years ago and will be attending this year’s ceremony. 

  • In the present tense and conversational. No third person.
  • Catchy lead.

Example: West Hartford may not have the Hollywood sign, but it does have lights, cameras, and action going on inside what was once a Friendly’s in the town’s center.

  • Stand-up (if used) should be the bridge of the story.

Sample Script


  • Pointed, but usually based in fact.
  • Very visual. Often uses metaphors.
  • Short period of time to explain a complex issue.

Class Assignment:

Write a script (about  1:30) for this overcrowded bus story.


VO: STUDENTS ARE… (close-up shot of three students crammed in a seat).

NAT: Students chattering at a bus stop (medium shot of students at a bust stop).

SOT (Student): “I hate being so crowded, it’s a stressful way to start the day.”

VO: YET, ADMINISTRATORS ARE DOING NOTHING (wide shot of administrators at a BOE meeting).

STAND: BUT SOME PARENTS SAY IT’S… (standing in front of school).


a PSA for Access Health CT using something from their research.

Create a Story Board for it.

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