I’ve gotten to the point where I’d like to step up the production quality a bit (perhaps actually using a mic!). Plus, there are some videos that are just easier to shoot with a person behind the camera.

I currently try to share at least one video a week (the videos range from 1-3 minutes) on my YouTube channel. You can see the videos here – These also get shared through my facebook page and enewsletter.

I’d like to work with someone who could put a couple hours aside and we could shoot 3-4 videos in one day so I could get the whole month done in one shot (so to speak). I pre-write the brief scripts where possible, so the shoots themselves don’t take that long. (For ex, the fall foliage video took me about 45-min to an hour to shoot and that was with me placing the camera and reviewing the footage on the spot.)
I have a few ideas for on site interviews that I’d like to do which would be great to have a camera person for and to actually have someone who could help assist with lighting and editing. Right now I do all the editing, as well.


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