Enhancing Your Website


Please email me if you’re interested in doing some multimedia projects for HTNP. Especially, if you want to do stories in East Haddam, East Hampton or Middletown.


Email me the link of “your brand” post.

Bio due Monday. Please email me the link before the start of class.

Paragraphs in bios



Save “your brand” post to drafts.

Assignment #1: Create a bio page for your website (due Feb. 3).

  • Include at least one image.
  • Use relavent hyperlinks.
  • No spelling or grammar errors.
  • Think of your brand, no generic bios. You should give information that makes you stand out.

Email me your website domain. Example: professorchiara.wordpress.com

Before you ask me any questions, check WordPress’ Help tab and/or Google your question. This applies to all technical questions moving forward. Consider it part of your class reading.