Photojournalism & Photography for Public Relations


  • Rule of Thirds



  • Framing

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 9.52.28 AM


Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 9.52.51 AM


  • Wide, Medium and Close Shots
Credit: Karen LeBoulluec (
Credit: Karen LeBoulluec (


Photo Ethics

Journalism vs. PR

  • Recreating a scene.
  • Making something appear different from what it is. Example: concert (crowd reaction), sports game (visitors cheering for home), etc.



Assignment #4: Cover or promote an event using photos (due Wednesday, Feb. 26). 

 Must have three original photos (wide, medium, close).

Use the techniques discussed today.

Use a background (see example above). Captions can be used, but that shouldn’t be telling the story. Post to your blog and email me the post. Tweet out your post too.

Assignment will be graded on ascetics, use of techniques, and how well the story was told.