Press Release


  • Traditional press release:

MxCC Press Release

  • Multimedia:

UConn Basketball

Yale Rudd Center

More Examples

  • Usually in a press release:

– Name of organization and its contact info.

– AP style.

–  A quote.



Assignment #5: Create a multimedia story or press release (due Monday, March 10).

– Write a 250-word journalistic story. Cover an event, profile a person or organization (not a friend or relative), or report on an issue.


Have an original photo which uses the techniques we’ve talked about before (there has to be a reason if it’s not original).

Include at least one hyperlink.

Have at least two quotes.

Follow the elements of journalism we discussed in class.

Post to your blog and email to me before the start of the March 10 class. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.

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