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Expanding access to preschool is on the table this legislative session, and the numbers show that Latino children in low income urban areas could benefit greatly from it.

The proposed bill  would use public funds to pay for about 4,000 three and four-year-olds to attended pre-K, primarily in Connecticut’s Priority, Alliance and Competitive School Districts, which are districts the state has determined need the most support.

This means that over the next five fiscal years 1,484 Hispanic children, 37 percent, could receive a jump-start to their education, which proponents say is a major step in helping to close the state’s achievement gap.




Assignment #7: Create an infographic to explain complex data (due Monday, March 24).

Create an infographic using numbers from a story.

Make it visually pleasing and informative. Tell the story with no confusion.

Source your data on the infographic.

Post to your site and email me the link before the start of Monday’s class.

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