Audio Media

Radio News 101:

  • Speak conversationally and use an active voice. Unlike print, using second person (you) is okay. Use “says” instead of “said.”
  • Have a solid lead to the story. Spend time on this.
  • Soundbites should be short. Three to 10 seconds.
  • Tracking: stand-up while speaking. Speak from your stomach and don’t get pitchy. Pretend like you’re speaking to people at a conference table.
  • Use natural sound when possible. Example: Wall Street bell for a market story.

AP Story Examples 

Scripting: Lincoln Tech Script

Radio PSA:

Questions to ask:

Do I want to use music and why?

Am I asking for a call of action or for awareness?

What are my soudbites (natural sound) and SOTs going to be?

What is the “feeling” I’m trying to achieve?

Peace Corp       Transcript

Red Cross


Script either a 30-second news story or PSA.


Center for New Media


News Story:

Murphy, DeLauro in Middletown 




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