Deadline Pressure

Deadline PressureFind a breaking news story (Twitter may be a good place to start). Something in the last 24 hours or a new development on a preexisting story.

Write about 250 words on it using AP style. Hyperlink to the stories and attribute. Example: The Week Magazine


Post to your site by the end of the class. Tweet your post and email it to me too.


Stories (posts) must include:

One embedded tweet.

An original slide show.

Final Assignment: Multimedia Piece

Create a multimedia piece you can have published and post it to your site. Promote the piece using social media (specifically, Twitter).

– Write a 500-word journalistic, profile, or promotional piece. Include hyperlinks and at least one original photo.

– Must be written in third person and using AP style.

– Must include at least two digital media componentsExamples: infographic, video package (this will count as two), audio package, slide show.

Cannot not have obvious errors (spelling, basic AP, mistakes pointed out from previous assignments). Assignments will be graded stricter; it must be better than before.

Posts must be emailed to me before the start of class on Monday, May 19 (Finals). NO LATE WORK.

David Ryan Polgar: Discussion on Copyright & Tech

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.25.35 AMConnecticut-based writer/attorney/educator who often speaks on the topics of information overload, digital diets, creativity, and entertainment law. He is an award-winning columnist for Seasons magazine.As a tech ethicist, he speaks and writes about the ethical, legal, sociological, and emotional issues surrounding our relationship to technology.

Polgar explores some of these issues in his online column, Overplugged, which has also interviewed some of the most innovative thinkers, such as Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Sieberg (Google), Marshall David Jones (slam poet), Maria Konnikova, and Douglas Rushkoff.


David’s Website

Video News/ PSA Assignment


Sound Cloud



Assignment #9: Produce a video news story or PSA (due Wednesday, May 7).

Create a 1:30 news package or a 30 to 60 second PSA. Must have primarily original footage.

Clarity of the story told, as well as the techniques used, will be considered while grading.


  • Test your camera for compatibility with a Mac and Premiere by Wednesday, April 16. 
  • Footage shot by Wednesday, April 23.
  • First draft done by Wednesday, April 30.

Post to YouTube (you may have to create an account), embed on your website, and send me the link to the post before the start of class on May 7.

Video News & PSAs

Video News:



  • Vantage points
  • Close, medium, wide shots (variety)
  • Framing, rule of thirds, natural sound

Script Writing: 

  • Short, active, declarative sentences. Avoid asking questions.

Example: And who will be going to the ceremony? None other than Joe Smith, who founded the organization over 30 years ago.

— Joe Smith founded the organization over 30 years ago and will be attending this year’s ceremony. —

  • In the present tense and conversational. No third person.
  • Catchy lead.

Example: West Hartford may not have the Hollywood sign, but it does have lights, cameras, and action going on inside what was once a Friendly’s restaurant in the town’s center.

  • Stand-up (if used) should be the bridge of the story.

Sample Script

Well-written script



  • Pointed, but usually based in fact.
  • Very visual. Often uses analogies.
  • Short period of time to explain a complex issue.
  • Plays to the senses (or feelings).

Story Board



Video News

See Something Say Something