Job Searching with New Media

google searchGoogle Search:

1) What comes up when you search yourself? Use a private or incognito window.



2) Constantly update what comes up for you. The bio page of your website is a must.

3) Update social media accounts, delete them, or make them private.

4) Have you been arrested? Ask news sites to take down the record in the police blotter.


The Shortstop Resume


What if your ‘dream job’ employer Googles you on the spot?



Social Media:

Linkedin – Connect with individuals working at companies you want to work for. If you have a mutual connection with someone you want to be aquatinted with, ask to be introduced. Follow those companies too.

Twitter –  Create lists of companies, individuals, job board accounts, etc., related to your field. Follow them and stay engaged in conversation. Share a link, make a comment, and retweet.

Facebook – Like and engage. Make sure you’re keeping up with what they are posting.

More Social Media Guidelines


Videos Resumes: