The Art and Science Behind Content Marketing

Art_Science_Content_Marketing_Infographic_cropArt versus science, right-brained versus left-brained, creativity versus logic-society likes to classify people and ideas as either artistic or analytical.

Content marketing, however, requires both artand science to succeed, an infographic from Kapost and Salesforce says. Creative content won’t perform well without a data-based strategy, and highly strategic content that isn’t appealing won’t get far, either.

To ensure your content marketing campaigns reach their potential, approach them from an artistic and analytical mindset.

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Content Marketing ROI infographic

Assignment 1: Bio Page

Paragraphs in bios

Assignment #1: Create a bio page for your website (due before the start of next class).

  • Include at least one image.
  • Use relevant hyperlinks (at least one).
  • No spelling or grammar errors.
  • Proper use of paragraphs (think aesthetics)
  • No generic bios. You should give information that makes you stand out.

Email the link to your bio to: