Shooting an Interview

– Use the rule of thirds

Leave headroom and nose room. However, you can cut off the top of the head in “news style” interviews.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.08.32 PM

Shoot the first button of their “shirt.”

See both of their eyes.

Look for distracting objects

– Have the light source to your back.

Shoot at eye level or a couple of inches above (if possible).

Check sound levels by having the interviewee say their first and last name and have them spell it for the titles.

Have the interviewee plant their feet. Avoid having them rock or move out of frame.

Don’t speak while they are talking. Nod and smile. Wait a few seconds after they have stopped talking before you ask your next question.

– It’s okay to ask the same question in a different way if you believe the interviewee did not really answer what you asked of them or if they did something in the first answer that makes the footage unusable.

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