Today’s Blogger:

Explain 2-3 to the class.


Interview a Classmate

Adam Chiara taught us how to use quotes.

“This is how you quote someone,” Chiara said. “Put all commas and periods inside the quotation marks.”

  • 350 words
  • Two quotes
  • One pic or embedded tweet
  • One hyperlink


Assignment #5: Create a Multimedia Story

Write a 500- to 650-word journalistic story. Cover an event, profile a person or organization (not a friend or relative), or report on an issue.

You Must:

Have an original photo which uses the techniques we’ve talked about before.

Include at least one hyperlink.

Include an embedded tweet.

Have at least two original quotes.

An ascetically pleasing presentation.

Follow the elements of blogging we discussed in class today.

Don’t wait for the last minute to do this.

Post to your blog and email me the post before the start of class.

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