• COMM 327, the second level video production course, in the spring. We will be doing PSA’s, profiles of successful Central alumni, promotional videos for various departments at Central and some type of TV game show in the studio. It meets from on Monday from 12:15 to 4:15 and it should be a blast.


  • The withdrawal deadline is November 19th.  That is the last date to withdraw (get a “W”) from Fall courses without approval; forms are available online and need no signatures from the Communication department.  I will NOT be signing ANY late withdrawal forms after November 19th.  Your only option after November 19th will be to complete the course or get an incomplete.

    For those of you on financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office before you withdraw from a class, IF that withdrawal will drop you BELOW 12 credits (for full-time students) or BELOW 6 credits (for part-time students).  Withdrawing could retroactively affect your aid in these cases.



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