CMM 281: Week 5 – Oct. 12


1) What are some of the unique characteristics of social media that make it different from any other form of communication (TV, radio, books, email, phone, etc.) ever before it?

2) Social media has greatly disrupted traditional business models in the media. Media outlets (journalism organizations, PR firms, entertainment, etc.) have to rethink the way they do business because of social media. Why do you think that is? (groups)


Twitter Advanced Search

Assignment 4: Live-Tweeting

Cover/ promote an event using Twitter. 

It must:

  • have at least five original tweets (these do not include retweets. You have to have compose the tweets). Your tweets must have valuable information. It’s not just what you are experiencing — give your followers insight.
  • include at least one original picture in a tweet, which was taken at the event (you shot the image. If you are not at the event, get creative shooting a picture).
  • use the same #hashtag in every tweet to identify and organize the tweets. See this example.

Possible events to cover could be: a concert; sports game (professional or amateur); a school event; a speaker; public meeting, etc.).

Example of A work.

Email me your twitter handle and #hashtag used before the start of next class. 

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