CMM 281: Week 8 – Nov. 2

4 Tips for Creating Effective Infographics

Password Infographic

Best Times to Share Social Media

webographic (1)

Elements to an Infographic

Colors for Infographics

6 Steps to Viral Content

What your organization’s font choices say about your brand

Assignment 7: Create an infographic

Create an infographic using Pixlr. You will make an infographic that simplifies complex data (an example would be this lobbying story). Any piece from another infographic cannot be used in your original work.

Your infographic must:

  • have numbers (data) from a news story or research
  • be aesthetically pleasing and informative
  • tell the story with no confusion
  • no spelling or grammar mistakes
  • source where you got your data from (have the Web link on it or the title of the news article/publication)
  • The width of the infographic (canvass size) should be 600 pixels to optimize it for tablet viewing. The height can be however much you need
  • Embed your infographic in a blog post with a paragraph setting it up