How Sprite drove more than 2 million Snapchat views in just a few days


A new campaign for Sprite that puts Snapchat codes on its cans in Brazil has received more than 2 million views in just a few days, according to the agency behind the campaign. The company shipped millions of cans with the Snapchat logo slapped on the side, along with scannable images that act like QR codes that lead consumers to other accounts on the messaging app.

The campaign started with 15 different Snapchat codes printed on cans, connecting to Web celebrities and other local notables. The ad stars are sharing Sprite-related stories on Snapchat, which have now been viewed 2.3 million times in two days, according to the people behind the effort. (View counts on Snapchat do not necessarily reflect total audience, because often the same person watches a clip more than once.)

“Sprite has a young audience in Brazil, a very young audience,” said Felipe Simi of CUBOCC, the agency that helped create the Sprite Snapchat tie-up. “We are talking about Gen Z, not even millennials anymore.”

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