CMM 281: Week 9 – Nov. 9

Audio News 101

  • Speak conversationally and use an active voice. Unlike print, using second person (you) is okay. Use “says” instead of “said.”
  • Have a solid lead to the story. Spend time on this.
  • Sound bites should be short. Three to 10 seconds.
  • Tracking: stand-up while speaking. Speak from your stomach and don’t get pitchy or “sing-songy.” Pretend like you’re speaking to people at a conference table.
  • Use natural sound when possible. Example: Wall Street bell for a market story or shoveling snow after a storm.

AP Radio News


Student example: Pray for Paris

Sample Script

PSA 101

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to use music and why?
  • Am I asking for a call-to-action or am I raising awareness?
  • What are my soud bites (natural sound) and SOTs (interview clips) going to be?
  • What is the “feeling” I’m trying to achieve?

Buzzed Driving

Peace Corp

Student example: Cancer PSA

Assignment 8: Audio News or PSA

You will produce an audio PSA or news story.


If you choose to do a news story, you will listen to this interview and you will make a 60- to 1:30-second audio news story about this individual. 

It must:

  • have you doing a voice over which incorporates the techniques we’ve discussed this week.
  • have at least one SOT.
  • have clean edits.
  • be uploaded into SoundCloud and embedded into a blog post.


If you choose to do a PSA, it will be 30- to 60-seconds long. You can pick any topic to do it on (drunk driving, volunteering, having a family emergency plan, etc.). However, it must be a PSA and not a commercial.

It must:

  • have at least one SOT or sound bite.
  • have clean edits.
  • be uploaded into SoundCloud and embedded into a blog post.

DUE Nov. 30