CMM 281: Week 12 – Nov. 30

When do we want to use video?

New Haven Independent

Less limitations: 

More creative:

Multimedia Video:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.26.33 PM








  • Once the subject is in frame, press on the screen and hold it to lock in the white balance, exposure, and focus — AE/AF Lock. Pressing on the middle of the screen is usually good, but experiment around on the screen if it looks blue/tan, bright/dark, or out of focus.
  • Make your body a tripod. Find any way you can to keep your camera from shaking during the shot. Shoot by keeping the camera close to the body or lean against a wall (even if you look funny doing it).
  • Shoot in Airplane Mode so you don’t get interrupted.
  • Grid Lines: Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid

Assignment 9: Video News

You will create a 60-second video news story.

Interview and interesting person and edit the interview into a concise package.

It must:

  • have at least one cut using a Crossfade transition.
  • have a Banner title telling the viewer who the person is (a lower-third).
  • be cleanly edited.
  • include a hyperlink in the video.
  • be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in a post on your blog.

 Due: December 14

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