CMM 471: February 29


Why use social in PR campaigns?


  • Students will understand how to integrate social media into a public relations campaign.



  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal (defining success) 



  • Audience




  • Return on Investment (ROI)











Jane Morningstar for Mayor of Hartford

  • Never held elected office before
  • Mom of three young children
  • Construction worker
  • Pro union

Goal: Become mayor of Hartford

Spine Advocates: March is Spine Awareness Month

  • Non-profit: work mainly focuses on educating the public about keeping a healthy spine
  • National organization
  • Grant/donation dependent

Goal: To have all workplaces invest in ergonomic workstations

Hawk’s Smokehouse

  • New BBQ restaurant opened up this semester 1/2 mile from UHart
  • Very sports oriented – offering UHart sports (home and away games)

Goal: Be a profitable business 

UHart Admissions

  • Want more international students next semester
  • No new scholarships available

Goal: To be a top school international students want to attend


What is a possible social media campaign you could execute? It could be part of a larger campaign. 

Be able to specifically address all of the key concepts above (SMART goal, Audience, ROI). Be ready to have your idea challenged.




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