Comm 231: September 21

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Assignment 3:

Web Banner 

You will create an original banner for your blog. Make sure to use the dimensions 1280 × 426 pixels for the canvas size.

While I’m not requiring anything specific to be on your banner, it must:

  • be ascetically pleasing
  • conform with the rest of your blog (color, style, voice)
  • be evident that a true effort was made

Use your banner for your blog header. Email me a link to your home page before the start of next class.


Promo Visual 

You will create a promo visual for Twitter. Make sure to use the dimensions 440 × 220 pixels for the canvas size.

  • There must be text on the visual
  • It must have an image in it
  • It must complement the design of your blog

Email me a .png of your image.