Comm 231: Nov.16

WHY use video?

New Haven Independent

More creative:


Technique Review

Shooting with a phone or tablet 

Making Video Ads That Work on Facebook’s Silent Screen

Assignment 9: Interview or Snap Ad 


You will create a 30- to 60-second interview.

Interview and interesting person and edit the interview into a concise package.

It must:

  • have at least one cut using a Cross Dissolve transition.
  • have a lower-third title appear telling the viewer who the person is.
  • have the words the person is saying appear on screen
  • be cleanly edited.
  • be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in a post on your blog.

Snap Ad

These are 10-second videos that appear between Snapchat Stories. Expandable Snap Ads allow users to swipe up to see a longer video, install an app, or visit an organization’s website.

You will create a 10-second Snap Ad targeting potential high school students. The video will be advertising for them to apply to CCSU.

It must:

  • have text in the video.
  • have a clear story (message). It cannot just be random shots of campus.
  • be cleanly edited.
  • include a 350- to 500-word explanation on what will happen if the viewer swipes up after your ad. Where will it take you (describe with detail), and why did you decide on that?  Explain why your video makes sense for the action your swipe leads you to.
  • be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in a post on your blog. Put your written part under the video in your blog post.

Due Wednesday, Dec. 14

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