Comm 231: February 3


Which blogs do you visit?

How often and why?

What is it about those blogs that you like (content, style, voice, etc.)?

Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website, And What It Should Include

5 ways to trim the fat from your writing

Content Chunking

10 Writing Tips to Help You “Sound Smart”

Blog SEO for the Modern Marketer: How to Optimize Your Posts




Stock photos

 Creative Commons Search

A Checklist Before You Publish


What is your dream job or type of career?

How will you get there?

What have you done, or what you are doing, to achieve this?

Assignment 2: Blog Post

Have an opinion about something and back it up with research. 

Your post must:

  • be between 500-750 words
  • include at least one picture (must be high in the post and not copyright protected)
  • include at least one relevant hyperlink (open in a new window/tab)
  • not have any grammar or spelling mistakes
  • follow the aesthetic structure we’ve talked about (short paragraphs—generally 1-3 sentences, no dead space, text wrap, visual is high in the post, etc.)
  • demonstrate good SEO practices
  • be put in a category


Email me the link to your blog post before the start of next class. 

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