Comm 231: 9-27

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How small screens impact photojournalism — and tips for adapting

Rule of Thirds

Vantage points 


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Wide, Medium, and Close Shots

Class assignment:

With your partner, you are going shoot a scene that “tells a story.”

You need three shots: a wide, medium, and close.

Try to incorporate all the lessons we learned in class today.

Then in Photoshop, create a visual that has all three photos on it, and:

  • have a colored background
  • have text next to each shot
  • export it as a png
  • email it to me

Assignment 2: Create an slide show. How-To, Top 10, Informative

You must:

  • Assignment 2: Create an slide show. How-To, Top 10, InformativeYou must:
    • have five- to 10-original pictures (shot by you and incorporating the techniques we learned this week)
    • create informative slides using Photoshop
    • Using Powerpoint, put each image on a separate slide. The Powerpoint file is what you will upload to SlideShare. We go over this next week.
    • have informative facts (researched) on each slide
    • include a source slide (this slide does not count as one of your five)
    • have no spelling/grammar mistakes
    • have consistency on each slide. Background color, font style and size, image size
    • be uploaded to SlideShare and embedded on your blog. We go over this next week.

Submit the link to your home page on Blackboard before the start of next class on Oct. 11.

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