Comm 231: Oct. 11

Tips for writing a digital story

Feature Writing 101:

– Be objective. You are the narrator, not the main character.

– Write in third person. Do not use: I, you, we, our, etc.

– Write a lead that hooks the reader. Should be one sentence.

– Use quotes and attribute them. Start the sentence with the quote and then use said. Example: “This challenge is the real deal,” Chiara said.

– The first time you write the person’s name, use the entire name. After that, use their last name throughoutExample: Adam Chiara is the best mac and cheese cook in the world. Chiara loves mac and cheese.

– Hyperlink if possible. Especially, if it will clear up confusion or gives more context.

– Check for spelling and grammar. EDIT in layers.


In-Class Assignment

Interview your classmate, and write a 500-word story about why they came to CCSU, and profile who they are as a student.

You must:

– follow the feature writing 101 rules

-include a picture with a caption

-use relevant, useful hyperlinks

-include quotes

-use the aesthetic techniques we’ve learned for creating a good visual post

-make a slide show with 3-5 slides using creative commons pics. The slide show should follow the instructions from the previous slide show assignment

-put the post in a category

Homework: Write a 500- to 750-word feature story on your blog.

The story can be a profile of someone (cannot be a family member or friend – you won’t be objective), about an event, or profiling a business/organization.

It must:

-follow the feature writing 101 standards

-include at least two original quotes recorded by you

-have at least one original picture shot by you (use the techniques we’ve learned in class) and include a caption with it

-include relevant, useful hyperlinks

-make a slide show with at least 5 slides. The slide show should follow the instructions from the previous slide show assignment

-incorporate other lessons we’ve learned in this class about aesthetics, SEO, etc.

-be put in a category on your blog


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