Comm 231: 11-15

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Assignment: Interview

You will create a 60- to 90-second interview. Interview an interesting person and edit the interview into a concise package.

It must:

  • have at least two b-roll shots that transitions in and out using a Cross Dissolve transition.
  • use a Cross Dissolve transition if clips of the interview are cut and pieced together.
  • have a lower-third title appear telling the viewer who the person is.
  • be cleanly edited.
  • have a song playing the in background.
  • use the techniques we covered in class.
  • be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in a post on your blog. Write a paragraph setting up your video. Write an SEO friendly headline for it, too, and put it in a category.

Comm 231: 11-8


Shooting with a phone or tablet

Other Tips:

  • Once the subject is in frame, press on the screen and hold it to lock in the white balance, exposure, and focus — AE/AF Lock. Pressing on the middle of the screen is usually good, but experiment around on the screen if it looks blue/tan, bright/dark, or out of focus.
  • Make your body a tripod. Find any way you can to keep your camera from shaking during the shot. Shoot by keeping the camera close to the body or lean against a wall (even if you look funny doing it).
  • Shoot in Airplane Mode so you don’t get interrupted.
  • Grid Lines: Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid

Wide, Medium, Close

Shooting an Interview

Class Assignment:

Interview your partner about what their best memory or accomplishment has been in college so far (pretend grandma is going to watch this, though).

Then get a close, medium, and wide shot of them doing something on campus. Also, get a few shots of campus without your partner in the shot.

Comm 231: Nov. 1

Infographic Feedback


  • Don’t just have the info float on the infographic (even if it’s “chunked”). Guide the eyes


  • Make the key info stand out in the text (numbers, key facts, etc.). Use bold, larger size, different color, etc. Think contrast


  • Use images to bring life to your data. It should not just be broken up text


  • Tell a story


Infographic #1 (1).png