Com 231: 8-29

The Follower Factory


  • Name
  • What does he/she want to do for a career/growth?
  • Why did he/she take this class?
  • Something else interesting about the person from your talk.

Syllabus: on Blackboard

WordPress Notable Users

Content Management System

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Comm 231: Oct. 11

Tips for writing a digital story

Feature Writing 101:

– Be objective. You are the narrator, not the main character.

– Write in third person. Do not use: I, you, we, our, etc.

– Write a lead that hooks the reader. Should be one sentence.

– Use quotes and attribute them. Start the sentence with the quote and then use said. Example: “This challenge is the real deal,” Chiara said.

– The first time you write the person’s name, use the entire name. After that, use their last name throughoutExample: Adam Chiara is the best mac and cheese cook in the world. Chiara loves mac and cheese.

– Hyperlink if possible. Especially, if it will clear up confusion or gives more context.

– Check for spelling and grammar. EDIT in layers.


In-Class Assignment

Interview your classmate, and write a 500-word story about why they came to CCSU, and profile who they are as a student.

You must:

– follow the feature writing 101 rules

-include a picture with a caption

-use relevant, useful hyperlinks

-include quotes

-use the aesthetic techniques we’ve learned for creating a good visual post

-make a slide show with 3-5 slides using creative commons pics. The slide show should follow the instructions from the previous slide show assignment

-put the post in a category

Homework: Write a 500- to 750-word feature story on your blog.

The story can be a profile of someone (cannot be a family member or friend – you won’t be objective), about an event, or profiling a business/organization.

It must:

-follow the feature writing 101 standards

-include at least two original quotes recorded by you

-have at least one original picture shot by you (use the techniques we’ve learned in class) and include a caption with it

-include relevant, useful hyperlinks

-make a slide show with at least 5 slides. The slide show should follow the instructions from the previous slide show assignment

-incorporate other lessons we’ve learned in this class about aesthetics, SEO, etc.

-be put in a category on your blog


Comm 231: March 3

Group work:

Social media has greatly disrupted traditional business models in the media. Industries like journalism, public relations, advertising, entertainment, etc., have to rethink the way they do business because of social media. 

  • What are some of the changes? 
  • Why do you think that is? 



Getting Started With Twitter

Twitter Post.png


Homework: Live Tweeting

Report on or promote an event using Twitter. 

“A good live tweet, however, takes speed, accuracy, context, wit, a strong visual sense and a good tool kit.” – LANCE ULANOFF

Your assignment must:

  • have at least five original tweets (these do not include retweets. You have to have compose the tweets). Your tweets must have valuable information. It’s not just what you are experiencing — give your followers insight. Five tweets does not guarantee an A.
  • include at least one original picture in a tweet, which was taken at the event (you shot the image). Having just one picture does not guarantee an A.
  • use the same #hashtag in every tweet to identify and organize the tweets.
  • embed the tweets in chronological order on your blog. Set up the tweets with a couple of paragraphs of context.

Possible events to cover could be: a concert; sports game (professional or amateur); a school event; a speaker; public meeting, etc.

Example of A tweets.

Email me your blog post with the embedded tweets before the start of the class after Spring Break. 

Comm 231: February 3


Which blogs do you visit?

How often and why?

What is it about those blogs that you like (content, style, voice, etc.)?

Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website, And What It Should Include

5 ways to trim the fat from your writing

Content Chunking

10 Writing Tips to Help You “Sound Smart”

Blog SEO for the Modern Marketer: How to Optimize Your Posts




Stock photos

 Creative Commons Search

A Checklist Before You Publish


What is your dream job or type of career?

How will you get there?

What have you done, or what you are doing, to achieve this?

Assignment 2: Blog Post

Have an opinion about something and back it up with research. 

Your post must:

  • be between 500-750 words
  • include at least one picture (must be high in the post and not copyright protected)
  • include at least one relevant hyperlink (open in a new window/tab)
  • not have any grammar or spelling mistakes
  • follow the aesthetic structure we’ve talked about (short paragraphs—generally 1-3 sentences, no dead space, text wrap, visual is high in the post, etc.)
  • demonstrate good SEO practices
  • be put in a category


Email me the link to your blog post before the start of next class. 

231 Final Assignment

Create a multimedia story and post it to your site (one post). Write a 650- to 800-word story that profiles a person, organization/business, event, or a combination. 

It must:

  • be written in the third person and using AP style.
  • include at least two hyperlinks that open in new tabs
  • have at least one original photo shot by you.
  • have at least two digital media componentsExamples: infographic, video interview, audio story, slide show
  • be aesthetically pleasing (no excess white space, text wrap around pictures, media component placement is strategic, etc.).
  • not have obvious errors (spelling, grammar, basic AP, mistakes pointed out from previous assignments).

Assignments will be graded stricter. It must be better than before.

You must email me before the start of class on Wednesday, Dec. 14. You must attend class that day to receive full credit for your final.