Comm 231: 2-28

Vantage points 


Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 9.52.28 AM

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 9.52.51 AM

Wide, Medium, and Close Shots

In-class Assignment

Close-Medium-Wide Story: You and your partner will shoot a scene that “tells a story.”

You need three shots: a wide, medium, and closeTry to incorporate all the lessons we learned in class.

Then in Photoshop, create a visual that is 2048 x 2732 px. The visual should have all three photos on it and:

  • have a colored background
  • have a title
  • have text (over a shape) next to each shot
  • export it as a png
  • email it to me: adam.chiara (at)





Comm 231: 2-21-18



Photoshop Help

Blog header 

You will create an original header for your blog.

Make sure to use the dimensions 2000 × 800 pixels for the canvas size.

While I’m not requiring anything specific to be on your banner, it must:

  • be visually pleasing
  • conform with the rest of your blog (color, style, voice)
  • be evident that a true effort was made
  • not have copyrighted content

Examples of A’s:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Submit the link to your home page on Blackboard before the start of next class.


Comm 231: 2-14-18

About Page Feedback:

  • Make sure you are sending a working URL
  • OPEN link in a new tab/window
  • When in doubt, break up that paragraph.
  • Picture up high in the post. Should be the first thing you see.
  • Grammar — i’m a senior who



“Long paragraphs are a visual predictor that a story won’t work. You must cut the meat into little pieces.” — Jon Ziomek, professor at the Medill School of Journalism


Follow the 1-2-3 Rule

Your paragraph should contain: 1 main thought, expressed in 2 to 3 short sentences.

Content Chunking


SEO: Headline, Keywords, Avoiding Stacking, Hyperlinks



Creative Commons Search

Stock photos


  • What is your dream job or type of career?
  • How will you get there?
  • What have you done, or what you are doing, to achieve this?

– should be around 500 words

– must include at least one picture (must be high in the post and not copyright protected)

– must include at least one relevant hyperlink (open in a new window/tab)

– must follow the aesthetic structure we have talked about (short paragraphs — generally 1-3 sentences, no dead space, text wrap, visual is high in the post, chunking and subheads, etc.)

– should be written concisely

– must be put in a category

– must not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes

Assignment 1: Blog Post

Have an opinion about something and back it up with research. 

Your post must:

  • be between 500-750 words
  • include at least one picture (must be high in the post and not copyright protected)
  • include at least one relevant hyperlink (open in a new window/tab)
  • not have any grammar or spelling mistakes
  • follow the aesthetic structure we’ve talked about (short paragraphs—generally 1-3 sentences, no dead space, text wrap, visual is high in the post, etc.)
  • demonstrate good SEO practices
  • be put in a category


Post the link to Blackboard before the start of next class. 

Comm 231: Jan. 31

Theme: Karuna

About Page

Edit your blog’s About page so that it has your bio.

It must:

  • include at least one hyperlink (which opens in an new window/tab) and one picture (it doesn’t have to be a picture of you, but it should be relevant to your bio). Place the/a picture high in the post.
  • be at least 350 words.
  • not just be a block of text. People won’t read through it (see example). Make sure you’re breaking up your text into paragraphs.
  • have short paragraphs. Paragraphs on the web are short. Keep them one to three sentences. Especially the first paragraph (the lead).
  • have words text wrapped around the picture. This prevents “dead space” on the page.
  • use proper grammar and have no spelling errors.

Submit your About page’s URL on Blackboard in Assignments.

Comm 231: 11-15

Royalty Free Music

Assignment: Interview

You will create a 60- to 90-second interview. Interview an interesting person and edit the interview into a concise package.

It must:

  • have at least two b-roll shots that transitions in and out using a Cross Dissolve transition.
  • use a Cross Dissolve transition if clips of the interview are cut and pieced together.
  • have a lower-third title appear telling the viewer who the person is.
  • be cleanly edited.
  • have a song playing the in background.
  • use the techniques we covered in class.
  • be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in a post on your blog. Write a paragraph setting up your video. Write an SEO friendly headline for it, too, and put it in a category.

Comm 231: 11-8


Shooting with a phone or tablet

Other Tips:

  • Once the subject is in frame, press on the screen and hold it to lock in the white balance, exposure, and focus — AE/AF Lock. Pressing on the middle of the screen is usually good, but experiment around on the screen if it looks blue/tan, bright/dark, or out of focus.
  • Make your body a tripod. Find any way you can to keep your camera from shaking during the shot. Shoot by keeping the camera close to the body or lean against a wall (even if you look funny doing it).
  • Shoot in Airplane Mode so you don’t get interrupted.
  • Grid Lines: Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid

Wide, Medium, Close

Shooting an Interview

Class Assignment:

Interview your partner about what their best memory or accomplishment has been in college so far (pretend grandma is going to watch this, though).

Then get a close, medium, and wide shot of them doing something on campus. Also, get a few shots of campus without your partner in the shot.