Death Of TV Continues Not To Happen

Q$ r2Every time a new study comes out and it shows some erosion of share of broadcast or cable TV, we get hysterical headlines about the death of TV.

In fact, what is changing is not consumer behavior. What’s changing is what we call it.

Consumer behavior has been remarkably stable — sadly, we’re all still sitting in front of a screen watching mostly crap for 5 hours a day. But these days we call some of it live viewing, some of it streaming, some of it time-shifting, and some of it OTT (Over The Top) viewing.

There are so many new ways of delivering crap to a TV, that we are confusing the delivery systems with the behavior.

I was at a conference recently where I heard a great quote, “TV isn’t dying, it’s having babies.”

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Snapchat Persuades Brands to Go Vertical With Their Video: Mobile phones change the way we watch

tt-snapchat-01-2015Key Excerpt:

Even though much of the video world has yet to embrace filming for smartphones, more digital outlets are popping up to hasten the move toward livestreaming apps.

“Snapchat definitely set the tone for this, but there’s definitely a lot to be said for the fact that Meerkat and Periscope have prioritized the vertical video,” said Nick Cicero, founder of Delmondo, a digital talent agency. “It’s a new medium. It’s not TV and it’s not YouTube, so I don’t see why a new aesthetic for video can’t also emerge.”

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MSNBC To Launch Daily Facebook Videos

CaptureMSNBC’s two newest programs won’t be seen first on the cable-news network.

In the latest example of so-called “traditional” news outlets casting about for audience in new ways, the NBCUniversal-owned outlet will produce two daily videos that appear on Facebook before they surface anywhere else.

MSNBC is teaming up with NowThis a distributor of digital video in which NBCU has a stake. One, “Sound Off,” will focus on a breaking story in the morning that users can discuss and debate. The other, “FacePalm,” will appear toward the end of the day and examine one of the most shocking or frustrating events in the news cycle. The videos series will be released through NowThis’ and MSNBC’s Facebook pages.

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